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On a geologic map, as on any scientific publication, the name of the person primarily responsible appears first. The job involves so many years and such a prodigious bibliography that the completion of a state geologic map can be regarded as the work of a lifetime, and David Love is only the second person in the history of American geology who has served as senior author of a state map twice (Wyoming i955, Wyoming i985). Geology is a descriptive, interpretive science, and conflict is commonplace among its practitioners. Where two or more geologists have come to divergent conclusions, Love has had to go out and rehearse their field work, in order to decide what to show on the map. People tend to become omery when the validity of their assertions is challenged, and figuratively some of his colleagues have reached for their holsters, which may have been a mistake, as the buttons fell off their shirts and they felt a little breeze. The 1955 Wyoming map. set a standard for state geologic maps in the detail of its coverage, in its fossil dating, in its delivery of the zakelijke energie vergelijken essence of the region-a standard set anew in the i985 edition. In the words of Malcolm McKenna, of the American Museum of Natural History, “Most maps are patched together from various papers and reports. Dave has looked at all the rock. It’s all in one mind. Most geologic maps are maps of time, not rocks. They will say something like ‘undifferentiated Jurassic’ and omit saying what the rocks are. There is little of that on Dave’s map. Mapping is below the salt now. Yet you can’t look at satellite photos for everything. You’ve got to have high-resolution basic mapping. You have to keep your hand in with the real stuff. When the solid foundations aren’t there, geologists are talking complete mush. Dave is making sure the foundation is there. He does not write about geology from a distance. He does not sit in high councils figuring out how the eaith works. He is field-oriented. Some geologists think field zakelijke energie work is wheeling their machines out into the yard. Dave has his hand on the pulse.