Interstate 80

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Anita Harris-beginning her trip west on Interstate 80 with her rock hammer, her sledgehammer, her hydrochloric acid, and mestopped at a lookoff near Allamuchy, New Jersey, about five miles west of Netcong. It was a cool April morning, the tint of the valley pastel green, and from our relatively high perspective, at an altitude of a thousand feet, the eye was drawn eighteen miles west across a gulf of air to the forested wall of Kittatinny Mountain, filling the skyline of two states, its apparently endless flat ridgeline broken only by one deep notch, which centered and arrested the view and was as sharply defined as a notch in flexplek huren amsterdam a gunsight: the Delaware Water Gap, where the big river comes obliquely through the mountain, like
Book 2: In Suspect Terrain a thief through a gap in a fence. There was a ridge or two near and below us, but the distance to the Water Gap was occupied largely by the woodlots, hedgerows, and striped fields of a broad terrairi as much as seven hundred feet lower than the spot on which we stood and of such breathtaking proportions and fetching appearance that it could be mentioned in a sentence with the Shenandoah Valley. The picture of New Jersey that most people hold in their minds does not include a Shenandoah Valley. Nevertheless, this New Jersey Appalachian landscape not only looked like the Shenandoah, it ac-. tually was the Shenandoah, in the sense that it was a fragment of a valley that runs south from New Jersey to Alabama and north from New Jersey into Canada-a single valley, one continuous geology, known to science as the Great Valley of the Appalachians and to flexplek huren leeuwarden local peoples here and there as Champlain, Shenandoah, Tennessee Valley, but in New Jersey by no special name. This integral, elongate, predominantly carbonate valley disappears and reappears through the far Northeast, until in pieces it presents itself in Newfoundland and then dives under the sea. Its marbles are minable in Vermont, in Tennessee. It was tl1e route of armies-the avenue to Antietam, the site of Chickamauga, Saratoga, Ticonderoga.